Get Fit By Using An Elliptical Cross-Trainer At Home

A basic and all-inclusive piece of gym equipment, the elliptical cross-trainer is typically found in the cardio area of a health club. The stationary equipment features two long handles and foot pedals and normally provides a variety of programmes to aid your workout. Exercise on the machine mimics the movements of walking, running, or climbing stairs, all of which provide a full-body and comprehensive workout.

Burning Fat and Calories

By using this type of machine at home, you can lose weight faster and maintain a healthy level of fitness. Research supports using an elliptical cross-trainer for weight loss as it has been found to be preferable to using such machines as exercise bikes or stair climbers. With respect to the calories burned, workouts on a cross-trainer burn about the same calories as a treadmill workout.

An Ideal Machine to Use If You Want to Lose Weight

However, exercise on a cross-trainer tends to be easier as a larger group of muscles are used in order to create movement. The calories burned during a workout session depend on the exerciser’s age, current level of fitness, and gender. Regardless of the criteria, though, this particular piece of exercise equipment is one of the most efficient machines to use for losing weight.

You can review the features of an elliptical cross-trainer online at such sites as Hire Fitness Ireland. Certain machines have more amenities than others so you can find a machine that best meets your exercise needs and budget.

Keep Your Hip and Knee Joints Protected

Besides helping you to lose weight, a cross-trainer makes it possible for you to protect your joints. You cannot receive this type of protection if you work out on a treadmill as the exercise is a high-impact activity. Therefore, investing in an elliptical cross-trainer provides the user with a no-impact workout. If you are experiencing joint problems, especially in the hip and knee, an elliptical cross-trainer is a preferred exercise machine.

Unlike other cardio-designed machines, a cross-trainer works the entire body. You can hold onto the handles and move your arms whilst your feet are pedalling. Pedalling on the machine targets the legs and glutes. You can also increase resistance by pedalling backwards. As a result, you will find that this type of exercise equipment is highly adaptable.

Exercising Your Core Muscles

In addition, you can make some adjustments to your routine that will assist you in toning your core, including the abdominals. To work the abs, simple release your hands from the handles and engage the core muscles. When you do not hold onto the handles, you must use your abdominal muscles to stay balanced. In turn, you experience a fantastic core workout.

In order to tone the thighs on the machine or target the quads, you can perform squats whilst you pedal backwards. Naturally, you do not want to attempt this kind of workout until you become fully acclimated to the machine. However, it shows that you can vary the intensity of your workouts or change the nature of an exercise at your discretion.

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