Get A Good HVAC System Installed

Get A Good HVAC System Installed

Conroe, Texas gets hot in the summer and stays pretty warm in the winter. There is only one month of the year when temperatures run in the low sixties. With those lower temperatures comes lower humidity. That means sixty degrees feels like sixty degrees and not forty. It is nice to have a good heating system, but vital to have an air conditioning system for most of the year. For hvac installation Conroe residents have a choice of several hvac companies.

Businesses in Conroe need good HVAC systems to compete. That sounds like hype but, if the temperature is 70 degrees or above ten months out of the year, air conditioning is not optional. Customers will not stay to browse or buy in hot stores with stifling air. Plus, HVAC systems filter the air, keeping musty smells and humidity to a minimum.

Residences, too, need the comfort a good HVAC system gives. In fact, 87 percent of homes built today have air conditioning. If you are building a new home or just remodeling, it is important to get a good system that meets the needs of your home. The systems are not one-size-fits-all. Things like the amount of heat leak and the condition of your ductwork affect the type of unit you will need.

There are two main types of HVAC systems. In a forced-air unit, air moves across condenser coils that are super-cooled. Then the air is channeled through a high-powered fan and into the ductwork. Your ductwork is constructed to pressurize the air flow and force it out into the room. The other system type is a heat pump in which hot air is pumped out and replaced with cool air. Sometimes the systems are augmented by window units. The window units alone only cool one room, and that restricts your activities. The one-room air conditioners also are less energy-efficient than an HVAC system.

So, what is involved in installing a system? First, you will need to have an experienced and knowledgeable company like evaluate your home to determine what size of unit is needed. During the evaluation, the technician will also look at your ductwork to see if it needs some maintenance to make it function well with the new system. Your insulation and the tightness of your home are important too. After the evaluation, the service people will install your indoor unit, consisting of the air conditioner evaporation coils and the blower, in your attic or in a closet fitted for the system. They will also put an outdoor unit in place. The outdoor component includes the compressor, the condenser coil and he condenser fan. You may already have a forced-air furnace and, if so, the new unit may be able to use that blower.

Experienced HVAC people can also recommend the right size system for your needs. That doesn’t necessarily refer to dimensions, but to how many BTUs of heat the unit must remove. If your system is too large, it will cycle excessively, and your room temperature will not be consistent. If it is too small, it will run continually to “keep up.”

Southeast Texas is a beautiful place to live. The heat in the summer is a trade-off for the temperate winters. To keep your Conroe Home or business comfortable year-round, you need a good HVAC system installed to meet your unique requirements.

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