Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Furnishings On A Budget

If you currently can’t afford to add a sectional to your living area, then you need not despair. You can still find plenty of affordable ways to refurbish or update your furnishings. That way, you can make the most of your current furniture and accessories without breaking the bank.

Add Trimming to Your Curtains

Whist plain, lower-priced curtains can be used in most home interiors; they normally do not depict the style you probably want to convey. You can update your curtains by adding some trim. Trim may include ribbon from a craft store or some other strip of colourful material. You don’t even have to be an expert sewer in order to include this type of accent. Trim can be added by using a fabric glue gun or iron-on hem tape.

Use Cloth Napkins for Covering Accent Pillows

Update the accent pillows on your couch by covering them with cloth napkins in vibrant hues or customised prints. You can either sew the coverings onto the pillow, or add them with iron-on hem tape.

Refresh the Look of Old Wood Furniture with Mayo

If you have recently acquired a wood dresser or cabinet from a thrift store, enhance the look of the wood with an application of mayonnaise. Simply apply a thin layer of mayo and allow it to sit for several hours before removing it with a cloth. The oil in this food product covers any watermarks and deepens the natural look of the wood.

Add Hardware to Furniture

You can also reinvigorate the look of your dressers and cabinets by installing new hardware. For example, ceramic knobs for furniture can be added to any interior fixture, and there are many various styles available. These knobs can be made of glass, metal, or other similar materials. By adding this type of hardware to different elements in your home, it will look like you bought a whole new furnishing.

Lightly Coat Your Laminate Countertops with Concrete

You might also consider renewing your countertops with a concrete-type product that is made for countertop renewal. The materials you’ll use are low-cost, and the application process is easy.

Paint Old Furnishings with Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is a covering that is currently gaining a lot of attention in the home décor arena. The paint, which is cheap and comes readily available in spray-on containers, can be used to paint chairs, dressers, and other similar furnishings.

Paint or Change the Legs on your Furniture

If you want to update an old couch, one way to do so is to remove the skirt and paint the legs with a vibrant colour. You can also paint the legs of old chairs or coffee tables. You can also switch out the generic legs entirely with more fashionable and tapered legs.

Spray Paint Your Old Furnishings

Another way to revitalise an old furnishing is to spray it with some fresh paint. Small items of furniture, such as chairs and stools, or other accessories, such as vases and lamps, respond very well to spray paint.

Apply Patterned Paper

Update old furniture as well by applying a patterned type of paper. A roll of wallpaper can go quite far if you are covering an old hutch or bookcase. Contact paper can also be used for this type of project. For example, a paper with a marble pattern looks great when applied to a side table or a laminate surface.

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