DIY Projects for a Long Weekend

We’re still near the beginning of 2017, with the majority of our bank holidays still to come, and there’s no better project for a long weekend than DIY home improvements. These are things you can work on for a few days and that will make a difference to your life for every day afterwards, and today we’re offering some inspiration for your next project!

Storage Boosting

Very few of us have all the room we’d want in a home. It can lead to things feelings cluttered and overfull which is stressful. Taking the time to boost your storage options with some homegrown solutions will help you organise your home better and repay you down the line with a tidier home and more stress-free life.

One of the projects you might want to consider is a bespoke storage bed! While you buy them in the shops, they are expensive, and they won’t be designed around your particular needs. You can take measurements and buy supplies to make sure that the bed you customise fits your room exactly! If you simply want to fit a few shop bought bed risers to accommodate some rolling storage units, you could be finished in an afternoon.

On the other hand, a more ambitious project could involve raising the bed further to accommodate some extra furniture – if you’re able to find a set of drawer and shelving units that tessellate neatly to the outline of your bed and are all the same height, it’s well worth taking the extra time to customise your bed to fit these neatly underneath, and attach them to the frame to stop them shifting.

If you want to get even more creative, rather than screwing the extra units firmly to the bed frame, you could attach runners, allowing you to wheel them out and access additional story or create a desk area, while still keeping them firmly attached as a whole unit of furniture!

You could also look for inspiration at IKEA hackers – people who’ve made it their mission to find alternative ways to combine common IKEA furniture to create new and unexpected solutions! Whether you follow their plans in detail, or simply use them as a jumping off point to create your own designs, it’s a great resource to look at before you plunge into your nearest branch!

If you still need some additional storage after this, try contacting – they’ll collect your stored items for free, offer free packing crates and let you book a return slot that suits you!

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