Choosing The Right Doors and Windows For Your Store

Choosing The Right Doors and Windows For Your Store

When deciding whether or not to speak to someone, the most common feature you analyse is their face. The face either says approachable or not. Store fronts face the same challenge. The first thing customers see, and need to enter through, is your store front. Aluminium doors and windows can make up the perfect ‘face’ to put forward, and here is how.

Use Good Quality Glass

When choosing from the wide range of aluminium door and window suppliers it is important to make sure that they use good quality glass, because this is a reflection on your store’s quality. Customers tend to look through the glass of the store front, but subconsciously they are also looking at it. If the glass of your store front is dull, chipped or cracked it creates a negative impression of your business’s quality in turn, which makes you lose credibility. So you need to insist on guaranteed quality glass when buying aluminium windows in Johannesburg.

Design the Threshold for your Location

One of the benefits of using aluminium doors and windows for a storefront is that it gives you endless options for putting your space and lighting to perfect use. For smaller stores set in darker locations, for instance, you could install wide windows with limited framing, along with a double door that can be thrown open to welcome your customers.

This is just one example of how aluminium doors and windows can be custom-made to suit your unique store front needs. Anything else you may need or want – within reasonable limitations – is possible. You will just need a quality manufacturer and architect to bring the pieces together.

Know your Customers

Once you have guaranteed the quality of your glass and decided on the design of your threshold, you need to consider your customers. The finishing touches of your store need to be attractive to your target market. For example, if you are selling cars you know your customers would likely want to have an uninterrupted view of your stock. For these customers you want a large, clear glass surface with no obstructions, and so as little framing as possible – the glass should be thick though, for safety sake.

If you have a pastry shop and want to entice your customers, you would want warmers colours on your frames. Having your aluminium door and window frames coloured in the dark browns of wood with gold trimmings adds a warmth to your shop which people will appreciate, because deserts and pastries are meant to be inviting. You can even embellish your glass with frosting and fancy fonts displaying your business’s name.

With aluminium doors and windows, the sky is the limit! All you need is a quality manufacturer.

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