Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

Most homeowners do not know that there are different carpet cleaning steps that are going to do much more damage than good. Since many do not even read a rug cleaning guide before starting to clean carpets, let’s discuss the most common of the cleaning mistakes nobody should do.

Cleaning Way Too Late

It is very important to think of the carpet fibers as being plant roots. They are going to soak up all the liquid that appears. This includes nail polish, juice, wine and even pet urine in some cases. Carpet fibers should be cleaned as soon as possible after a spill. Waiting for too long is basically a huge mistake that will surely lead to the situation in which a professional carpet cleaner will be required.

Using The Wrong Products

You can easily find dozens of carpet cleaning products in the supermarkets. The problem is that every single product has a specific purpose. Rugs, upholstery and carpets will be made out materials that are delicate. You need to be sure that you choose the one that is appropriate. The carpet cleaners that have really strong chemicals are going to damage fibers. It is vital that you read labels before you try to remove any stain with over-the-counter cleaning products.

Not Testing

When you grab the cleaner and assume it is going to work really well for the carpet, you can set yourself up for a disaster. There are many strong chemical cleaners that are going to discolor or simply damage the carpet. Be sure that you perform a test in a carpet area that is hidden to be sure that the product will not destroy the carpet.

Using Too Much Deodorizer

The deodorizing power has the main purpose of taking away some smells that can remain after you clean the carpet. It is not a substitute for the cleaning product. Deodorizers will only mask scents and the power can even add to the filth as it gets stuck inside carpet fibers.

Relying Solely on DIY Solutions

There are many cases in which you do not have the time to take the carpet to a professional so you try to do it yourself. The problem is that when you always rely on DIY solutions you may end up not properly cleaning the carpet, even if you think that you did a really good job. The professional cleaners will be able to do wonders to remove all mould, pet urine, mites and everything else that is stuck. From time to time you need to get the carpet professionally cleaned.


Last but not least, although for some this may sound crazy, overcleaning a carpet is going to be highly damaging. As you keep cleaning without a real need, the carpet fibers are going to be damaged and will lose their strength. They also fade. It is always a lot better to practice some preventative measures instead of cleaning the carpet way too often. That will increase carpet life way more than through often cleaning.

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