Basic Gardening Tools and Equipment You Need

Before starting a home gardening activity, we should make sure that we have the proper equipments and tools. This will make sure that we will have a convenient and easier gardening experience. It would be much easier for us to work effectively. If we have our own gardening tools and equipments, we don’t need to borrow them. For this reason, we should know basic tools that we should have. It is a good idea to go to the nearest gardening store and ask the sellers what kind of tools that we should buy. Some tools can be sold at bargain prices, so they won’t be expensive. For gardeners, it is important that they choose the right tool to complete a job properly. This will make sure that our gardening work can become more successful.

Here are some of the tools that we need to get:

  • Shovels: For digging purposes, a round-ended shovel is useful. It allows us to plant shrubs and small trees.
  • Garden hoes: It is useful for cultivating soil and weeding. They could help us allow for deeper root penetration.
  • Bow rake: Heavy duty rake could be attached to the bow or metal frame. It is useful for level the soil and removing bigger clumps of rocks and soil.
  • Spading forks: It is a good tool for opening and improving the soil. Unlike pitchforks, it has wider tines and shorter handle.
  • Dull bolo: It is an agricultural tool in the Philippines and useful for both cultivation and weeding.
  • Sharp bolo: For garden with taller shrubs and grasses, a sharp bolo is useful for clearing the area.
  • Garden shears: Gardeners should choose shears that fit properly in their hands. Shears are also known as clippers. They are useful for removing foliage, shaping and pruning.
  • Hose: Obviously, it is important to properly water our garden. Water sprinklers won’t have enough coverage to properly provide water for all plants. Also, large trees need larger amount of water during the day.
  • Sprinkler can: It is an essential tool for watering grass and smaller plants. We may need to use sprinklers with long nozzles that provide a gentle flow of water. Then nozzle should also be able to deliver enough water across longer distances. This will make sure that young seedlings in a large area of soil can be constantly watered.
  • Hand sprayer: It is useful for getting rid of fungi and bad insects with special solutions. It is preferable to use green, bug-repellant solutions, instead of using harmful chemicals.
  • Spade: Spade is quite similar to shovel, but it also has a square-end that can be used to make straight plots and dig shallow holes.
  • Wheelbarrows and carts: Wheelbarrows can be used to carry various gardening equipments and gardening supplies. It can also be used to collect harvest, such as vegetables and fruits. It can also be used to carry grass clippings and excess dirt away from our garden.
  • Pruner: Pruner is appropriate for cutting back and shaping longer plants. There are two types of pruner, the anvil and the bypass type. We should consider which one is appropriate for us. Some pruners have replaceable parts and blades that can be sharpened after a period of use.

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