Tips For Having An Outdoor Garden In Your Apartment

When you think of apartment life, chances are you don’t think about gardening. After all, you won’t have a large yard, if any yard at all, in which to plant a garden. However, living in an apartment does not mean you can’t have a garden. You have a porch or patio, and that space can be used to plan some flowers and vegetables. You can also make use of community garden plots, which are becoming increasingly common. Here are some tips to make gardening in an apartment just a little more successful.

Choose a Variety of Planters

Rather than planting everything in its own pot or having one giant planter to put everything in, consider investing in a variety of planters that can hold more than one plant. Since space is of the essence, this will free up area for other gardening endeavors. Create one-pot container gardens with themes, like a tomato and spice planter that contains tomatoes and a variety of spices for salsas and sauces, all in one place. A salad planter, which contains lettuces, edible blooms and chives, is another great idea. Don’t forget to look at containers that utilize vertical space, allowing you to plant flowers and vegetables on multiple tiers.

Put Watering on Automatic

Next, put your watering tasks on automatic. Since you’re going to be gardening in containers, you need to realize that containers dry out more quickly than the soil itself, so outdoor containers are going to need more watering than plans in the ground, particularly if they are in full sun. Invest in self-watering containers that use reservoirs to keep the soil moist, so you aren’t needing to water multiple times a day.

Watch the Sun

You don’t have much say in where your patio is located, so before you buy plants, watch the sun. If your patio gets eight hours of direct sunlight each day, then it is in full sun, and this list of heat tolerant plants can give you some ideas of what will fare well.

If it gets four to six hours, then it is in partial shade. Anything less than this is considered shade. Choose plants that will grow in the type of sun you have, and remember to consider the impact of trees that may block the sun when they get to full leaf.

An apartment garden is possible, and can be a beautiful asset to your home. Use these tips to get started on the right track, and enjoy the fruits of your labors for many years to come.

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