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8 Ideas For A More Private Yard and A Prettier Garden

With plot sizes getting smaller, we live closer to our neighbors. The proximity to their plot has turned outdoor privacy within our own yard into a premium luxury. Spending some quality time in your backyard is easier said than done. Installing a privacy fence can do the trick of a more private yard and prettier garden.

However, a typical fence chain-link fence can lend a dull look to your backyard. It can also add a sense of confinement to your outdoor space. The bottom-line is you need a fencing option that provides not only privacy but also adds an appealing look to your garden.

Here is a list of eight ideas that can screen your yard and create a beautiful focal point for your garden.

1. Bamboo Fence or Screens

Bamboo is certainly the most popular privacy plant. It is a fast-growing and evergreen plant that can reach over 10 meters in height. However, not all types of bamboo are suitable for growing a privacy screen. Some species can get out of control quickly. Make sure to use slow-growing species such as Fountain bamboo (Fargesia nitida) or Arrow bamboo (Pseudosasa japonica). These varieties also have a compact growth structure. It is recommended to grow bamboo hedges in planters to restrict their invasive growth.

Dried bamboo tubes can also make for a beautiful fencing option. These fences are available as prefabricated screens, rolled fencing, and portable fence panels. They are frost-resistant, durable, and require minimum maintenance. Plus, they can give your garden a natural look. Bamboo screens are a garden staple that can go well with almost any type of landscape.

2. Hedges Made of Gates and Vines

Vine plants are the most obvious choice for living gardens/yard fences. Most homeowners tend to install chain-link fences as they are cheap and sturdy. But, they are also unwelcoming. However, growing vine plants against these fences can lend them a pleasant look. In fact, it is the cheapest way to build a living fence that also ensures privacy. Vines can also create beautiful hedges when grown against trellises, arches, pergolas, arbors, and gates.

You can choose from a variety of flowering vines such as hyacinth bean, hops, morning glory, and passion flower, among others. The time and energy required for their care will depend on the variety of plant and the soil conditions. Some of these plants can grow quickly and can reach a height of 20 to 30 feet in a few months.

3. Arborvitae

Arborvitae is a lush evergreen tree famous for its emerald color and thick foliage. It has a tall and thin growth structure and requires minimum pruning.

The biggest advantage of planting these trees is that they can provide the best screening, without taking too much space in your yard. Emerald green is the most popular variety of arborvitae used for privacy screening.

Proper water supply is critical for growing healthy and green arborvitae. These trees require deep and thorough watering immediately after planting. Grown plants need watering less frequently compared to the young ones. Most varieties of arborvitae enjoy moist soil, especially in hot and dry season. It is recommended to use an irrigation-flow-meter to provide deep soaking of the root mass. It will also prevent over-watering.

4. Living Walls

A living wall can create a relaxing atmosphere in your backyard or porch. However, ready-to-hang living green walls are expensive. Fortunately, you can build your own budget-friendly living wall. Repurposing items in your house or store-bought materials can be used to create stunning wall designs. You can hang several different things including detachable box frames, wood lattices, recycled plastic bottles, felt pouches, and mason jars to grow plants on your wall.

Free-standing or wall-mounted structures can be used to grow plants on your porch, patio or even garden. You can choose evergreen plants for a fresh green view even in the cold winters. However, the choice of your plant will depend on the amount of light and other environmental conditions in your garden. Plus, living walls need regular maintenance with proper pruning, dusting, and weeding besides watering and fertilizing.

5. Wood Lattice

If you are looking for an aesthetically-pleasing and inexpensive option for fencing, a wood lattice is your best bet. In fact, the lattice fences are extremely easy to install.

Wood lattices can be used in several different ways depending on your space. For example, they can be used to hide various undesirable elements of your yard such as an air-conditioning unit or a drainage pipe. They can also be used to create a green wall in your front porch or to grow climbing vine plants on your patio.

6. Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains can lend a peaceful look to your patio or porch. They can provide you privacy as well as shade you from the sun. It is a budget-friendly way to add a stylish look to your verandah or pergola.

Make sure to pick up a mildew-resistant and durable fabric that suits your outdoor space. Thick and dark colored fabric are long-lasting and can provide better screening from the sun, not to mention your neighbors.

A light fabric made from the sheer material, on the other hand, will provide an elegant and romantic look to your outdoors. However, these types of the curtain aren’t durable.

7. Ornamental Metal Panels

Metal fences can add an architectural flair to your backyard or garden. Ornamental metal panels made from wrought iron are durable and require little maintenance. They come in numerous colors, sizes, and designs. You can also paint or stain them in your favorite colors.

Metal fences have the ability to withstand considerable tension. So, they can be used to grow climbers such as clematis, wisteria, and honeysuckle, among others. Metal fencing is also a suitable option for an uneven or sloped yard. However, it is a pricey fencing option. Corrugated steel panels are usually less expensive than wood fences. Though costly, wrought iron is also durable and can last years.

8. Slatted Fence Panels

Slatted fence panels can add a contemporary look to your outdoors. They also provide more security and privacy compared to other fencing options. Slatted panels are manufactured using a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or vinyl.

These panels can be installed as an extension of your existing wall fencing or can be anchored in the ground. The cost of these panels will depend on the type of material they’re made of. Usually, slatted wood panels are costlier than metal or vinyl panels.


Privacy is a critical part of your outdoor space. You can’t enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner on your patio without private fencing because your neighbors have a clear view of your backyard. Installing a privacy fence is probably the best idea for a more discrete outdoor setting. In fact, a creatively-designed fence can also lend an aesthetically-pleasing look to your backyard. The above eight ideas will help you pick a versatile and elegant privacy fencing option for your outdoor space.

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